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Dr Arvind K Sharma


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International Conference AETM 2018

COSMIC – Young Research Excellence Award for Contribution in the field of
“Computer Science and Engineering”
Awarded on 6th Jan 2017
at AETM 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand

Managing Editor, International Journal of Computer Science & Technology, India Overseas Editor/Reviewer, American Institute of Science, United States of America

Dr. Sharma has received his Doctorate degree, Ph.D Computer Science in the year 2013. The title of his Ph.D thesis was “Exploration of Efficient Methodologies for the Improvement in Web Mining Techniques.” He started his professional career in the year 2001 as Lecturer of Computer Science in Shri Varshney P.G. College, Aligarh. He has more than 14 years of work experience in academic fields. He is a recognised Research Supervisor for Master’s and Ph.D programmes of Career Point University, Kota, Poornima University, Jaipur, Pacific University, Udaipur, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan, India. He is guiding many M.Tech and Ph.D Scholars in the area of Computer Science & Engineering.

Dr. Sharma has published 41 research papers, including 17 in refereed journals and 24 in national and international conferences. He has authored and co-authored almost 5 books on Computer Science so far. He has attended respectable number of National, International Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in which he actively participated and presented papers. He has participated as Speaker and Keynote Speaker in many National and International Conferences in India and abroad.


Dr. Sharma is a Member of numerous academic and professional bodies such as:

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [IEEE], USA
  • The Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors [IRED], New York
  • The International Association of Engineers [IAENG], Hong Kong, China
  • The World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology [WASET], USA
  • The Universal Association of Computer & Electronics Engineers [UACEE], UK
  • The Association for Computing Machinery Inc. [ACM], New York
  • The Computer Science and Teachers Association[CSTA], New York
  • The International Economics Development and Research Center [IEDRC], China
  • The International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology [IACSIT], Singapore
  • The Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering [ICST], Europe.


Dr. Sharma has done interesting and pioneering work in the following fields:

  • Website Usability and Loyalty using Web Log Data in Web Usage Mining;
  • Prediction of Blood Donor’s Behavior and Attitude by suing Data Mining Techniques;
  • Alumni Interactive System Framework for Private Higher Educational Institutions;
  • Enhancing the Performance of the Website through Web Log Analysis;
  • Evaluating Similarity of Website Contents using Genetic Algorithm for Web Design Re-organization

At present, he has been engaged in developing a Threat Model as a Security Mechanism to Secure Web Application Databasefor SQL Injection Attacks.

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